What Our Broker Clients Are Saying

“I absolutely love working with the team at Royal Pacific Funding. Not only do they have vast knowledge, they work with you to assist your clients and to get their loans funded. They are truly an embodiment of the team concept. I feel strongly that they understand what’s important to me as a loan officer, thereby allowing me to make a difference for my clients!”

Kim R.

Royal Pacific Funding deserves more than 5 stars! Month-in and month-out Royal Pacific Funding has constantly closed my loans to my satisfaction and at times amazement.  They use common sense underwriting and the speed and service they give is top notch.  Why would you want to use someone else to send your loan to?  Royal Pacific Funding is making lending great again!

Dino S.

“Fantastic Lender. Over 18 years working for a mortgage broker I have to say that Royal Pacific Funding is my go-to company. Turn times are quick and their staff go up and beyond in service. They also offer TBD approvals that make a buyer submitting offers even stronger since their loan has been already underwritten. I have the best Account Rep and team. Royal Pacific Funding will definitely be getting all my loans.”

Lisa F.

Amazing culture, fantastic knowledgeable employees and exceptional service every time.

Libby A.

“Great Lender! Aggressive in getting loans closed.  The Reps work very hard to help get the loan closing accomplished. Priority is to get the buyer into their home! Not to mention they close quick!”

E. J.

“I want to sincerely thank you for getting the Borrower’s file processed so quickly. We went from submission to funding in 8 business days! Our borrower’s family is happy, the agent is happy and I’m so excited that you all came through on this deal. I want you to know I appreciate the relationship and the hard work you put in! Thanks again!!!”

Ryan H.

Royal Pacific Funding has become an effective partner in closing loans and enabling families to have their piece of the American Dream of homeownership. Solving problems before they happen seems to be a specialty. Overcoming a potential roadblock that would stall other Lenders is handled with ease and a “can do” attitude. Great group of folks to work with.

Pam T.

“It’s not often when a wholesale lender sets the bar this high. You have completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Everyone. Plan on getting a lot of our business. Awesome Job!”

Shannon D.

“I give Royal Pacific a 5 star because that’s all I’m able to give here. If I could, I would give them 10 stars.  As an escrow officer, they are one of the BEST mortgage company’s I have worked with. Their complete team is awesome and great to work with.  They work really hard to get the loan funded ASAP!  I absolutely love working with Royal Pacific Funding.”

Gladys I.

First off Royal Pacific Funding is hands down an exceptional Lender. The turn times are quick, the underwriting makes sense, and the staff is always available! What an awesome underwriting team. They had a clear understanding of the Guidelines and addressed all conditions in a timely manner.

Ash G.

Royal Pacific Funding is my main source for loans.  They have by far the best system in place for excellent service.  Underwriting is quick and thorough without many conditions. Our Rep does exactly what a Rep is supposed to do.  Very knowledgeable on all programs and goes out of the way to make the deal work. Always thinking outside of the box. The team is always accessible and well versed on the loan guidelines.  They will always answer the phone for status calls or underwriting questions. I recommend Royal Pacific Funding to anyone in the mortgage business.  Service and excellent rates are hard to come by.

Anthony G.

Extremely professional with excellent communication available at all stages of the process. We are always able to talk to a person whether it is in set-up, underwriting or funding. We highly recommend using Royal Pacific Funding.

David H.

Hands down Royal Pacific Funding has been extremely consistent in closing out our loans this past year in an effective and timely manner. Our Rep and his team are one of the best groups of people we have ever worked with. Looking forward to our continued business relationship.

Alex R.

“Love my peeps!!! You guys are the best! Love working with you.”

Patricia K.

“Hands down, one of the best Lenders I have worked with in my 26 years in the mortgage industry.”

Erin D.

A big thank you to everyone for being great to work with on my first file with your company. I know this file was an extremely difficult loan and I’m very impressed!!!!!  Awesome work and thank you. If you only knew the amount of chaos / trouble were having with our other lender. We are now pushing all files your way. Thanks so much!

Brian L.

Just wanted to let you know that is my first loan with your company and I’m really impressed with the turn-around time.
I also noticed the portal has changed and is more user friendly…e-docs and e-signing has really streamlined the processing.

Meena K.

I just got recently accepted as a mortgage broker with Royal Pacific and did not know what to expect. Today I funded my first loan with them, and it was a VA loan. To all the mortgage brokers out there – Move your loans to Royal Pacific.  Again, there is really no need to be approved by more than one lender. Royal has all that you need, and Mary and the entire staff is just phenomenal, from underwriting to funding. Their rates are very low, they have all the Fannie products and all the niche products you may need to help your borrowers. I am so grateful to be working with Royal Pacific and Mary. Thank you again to Royal for being a class act company with superb employees that truly care.

Andy B.

Royal Pacific Funding was fast at closing our loan.  The loan process was stress free.  Thank you to the Royal Pacific Funding team for a job well done!  VA loan 100% LTV.

Thank you again!

Yolanda C.

Royal Pacific Funding, did an excellent job of help the broker get a loan closed before contract expired. It was a challenge and Cresta – Account Manager, went beyond to get the loan to closing.

Thank you! Cresta!

Joyce M.

Excellent experience in every way. You are not just a number with Royal Pacific Funding.

Nathan D.

As the branch manager for Swan Financial with over 40+ loan officers and 12 years in the biz, we cannot tell you how awesome our experience has been with Royal Pacific as wholesale lender!! (We’re the broker.)

Vicky Ryan, Norma, Cresta have just been rock starts to work with. We love the fact that we can all communicate together on difficult loans and do whatever it takes to make it work!! Hard loans are tough, but this lender makes it easy again! Great teamwork! Thanks, Royal Pacific Funding!

Brian L.

I would like to extend my appreciation for all the hard work and effort the team put into getting this loan closed and funded so quickly.
It was a difficult loan that had its “twist and turns” but all the issues were handled in a very professional and timely manner.
Looking forward to working with the RFP team on future loans.

Ian H.